Most books that you will find in this database fall under the category “books about 18 to maximally 29 year olds that are not described as erotica”. Books are from all genres and a lot of them are marketed as either YA or Adult so don’t be surprised if you find a book on here you didn’t expect.

As I am only a single human being with a certain capacity to do things, I do not check every single book individually and research whether they are good or even fit in the “category” of NA, or what I defined as the category. It is really hard to find the exact ages of main characters in a lot of cases, and therefore it would require me to spend a lot of time researching. Instead I relied mostly on other people’s recommendations of which books would be classified as NA. I browsed through many lists, twitter threads, goodreads tags, and more, and even found a few on my own, to find books that most likely fit the category.

So if you do find a book on here that most definitely should not be on here, is in the wrong genre tab, or has the wrong tags, please let me know so I can remove/change it. You can dm me on twitter or contact me through the contact page.