Welcome to the New Adult Revolution! If you were looking for books about people in their twenties (or nearing the end of their teens), you have found the right place!

A little note: this database is in no way complete and continuously growing, and hopefully with your help! Go to the contact page if you know of any books I can add.

I’m 22 myself and I have been bothered by the lack of NA books and the lack of interest in the publishing industry to do something about that for a while now, and so I decided to do something about it myself. And apparently, those NA books I have been wanting to read are actually out there. They’re just near-impossible to find if you aren’t looking very hard for them. To make that process a little easier, I have gathered all the books I could find and created this little database.

New Adult is a book category that is often perceived as a bit of a “failed” category. Not a lot of books succeed in the category. Right now it seems books that are actually marketed as NA are either self-published or indie-published or very romance-heavy or erotic. Nothing wrong with any of those, but not everyone reads those kinds of books. It seems, regardless of how many people are actually waiting for more NA books to be published, publishers are scared to commit and market their books as NA. Many books are either aged up and marketed as Adult or aged down and marketed as YA instead, which is sad and maybe even a little wrong.

YA has grown very big over the last decade and the people who grew up reading YA are now actually older than the target audience for YA, which is why books with older protagonists in YA are sold more, but because of this, the age of YA protagonists is rising and books for young teens are just not published enough. Because these books get less interest, younger teens will read less and that is just bad for everyone involved. New Adult would fix this entire problem.

Having read a lot YA a lot as a teen myself, and not really finding at home in that category anymore, I have now found myself lost. The Adult book world is huge and overwhelming and seems full of the “middle-aged couple is unhappy but doesn’t do anything about it” trope or the “middle-aged detective solves crimes” trope or the “middle-aged woman finds love in Italy” trope. You get the gist. I simply have a hard time relating to someone who is so much older than me and in a completely different phase of life.

Your twenties are such a weird time in your life: they’re confusing, stressful, overwhelming and it feels like everything is falling apart, constantly. Books about middle-aged people simply do not reflect that experience and YA does not do that either.

But that gap between YA and Adult doesn’t have to exist and it doesn’t have to be so big. But in order to make that gap smaller, we need an in-between.

We need New Adult. The world needs New Adult. Publishing needs New Adult.

So join the revolution, share your recommendations, voice your love for New Adult, talk to people, show your support and let’s all make this happen together. Use the hashtag #NewAdultRevolution on social media if you like!

Happy reading!

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  1. This is such a necessary site! I’m so happy you’ve done this!


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